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We are a production house that caters the following services: Video Shooting/Video Editing/2D,3D computer graphics and animation/Scripting/Jingle making/Video documentation/TVC/Corporate Video/Drama/Music Video/Cinema/Video Equipment Rental assured all our services rendered intact in our equipments & facilities. Diversity is our biggest strength. Each of us brings something different to the table. That precisely why we are able to create pure magic in the digital arena.

We understand that when it comes to qualify you will accept nothing but the best and that you demand services of the highest standards. You can walk in with your raw footage and walk out with best quality of broadcast copies. We will always aim to surpass our customer ‘s expectation for the highest quality post production through clarifying their exceptation,sharing our knowledge and delivering an exceptional product on time every time.

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Dhaka Attack Movie
Dhaka Attack
Dhaka Attack Movie